Intelligent Workforce Management

Achieve total control and accountability for service delivery through intelligent and dynamically defined business rules to leverage both factory service & third-party workforces

Seamlessly Manage Blended Workforces

Our Intelligent Workforce Management solution optimizes field service workflows across both Factory Service and Third-Party Workforces. With access to real-time data and intelligent route optimization, your technicians can focus on delivering efficient, high-quality service.

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intelligent routing

Dynamic Rules Engine

Define, add, remove, and modify service delivery rules on the fly to automate intelligent routing of jobs to maximize outcomes

Democratize Workforce Management

Empower business users and stakeholders to proactively manage optimized workforces based on evolving business conditions

Visualize Value of Rules

Rapidly visualize business value and report across the entirety of the blended workforce to improve and adjust service delivery

Intelligent Workforce Management Product Capabilities

Customize Utilization of Factory Service and Third-Party Technicians
Configurable Rules Engine Based on Business Drivers
Real-time and Dynamic Adjustment of Service Delivery Rules
Comprehensive Analytics with Visualization
Reporting Across the Blended Workforce
Ability to Stack and Prioritize Rules
Powerful Configuration UI for Immediate Visualization
REST APIs for Seamless Integration

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Leveraging our Intelligent Workforce Management Solution, ServiceInsight, improves your Customer Experience, increases the capacity of your workforce, and provides greater visibility into overall business value. See how ServiceInsight can transform your field service organization with a personalized demo.

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