Employed Workforce Solutions

ServicePower offers seamless end-to-end solutions to efficiently manage an employed workforce

  • Customer Engagement
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Technician Mobility
  • Smart Service
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • customer-engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Deliver exceptional service experiences and build brand loyalty with our self-service customer portal. Delivering real-time, cross-channel, interactive communications.

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  • schedule-optimization-1

    Schedule Optimization

    Optimize complex service schedules in real-time based on configurable business-driven constraints that significantly improve turnaround times, jobs per day, and utilization.

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  • technician-mobility-1

    Technician Mobility

    Improve field service team productivity and efficiency with real-time access to tools, processes, and information needed to complete service jobs on the first try.

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  • smart-service-1

    Smart Service

    Ensures highest quality of service by providing technicians with real-time access to valuable information and the flexibility to make schedule adjustments within adherence.

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  • reporting-analytics (1)

    Reporting and Analytics

    View customized KPIs for a 360° view of your business with real-time dashboards.

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Benefits Delivered

group-icon End - Consumers

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Customizable, full self-service consumer portal to connect with the consumer and let them engage with you how and when it suits them.

  • Positive Service Experience

    Connect the best technician for the job based on skill, location, parts, etc. to ensure the highest first-time fix rate, while allowing customers to see their technicians.

  • Provide Transparency

    Provide a view into your operations and offer real-time status if technicians are running late. A courtesy call, email, or mobile alert shows your customers that you value their time.

wrench Field Service Technicians

  • Improved Productivity

    Powerful mobility capabilities enable you to securely carry out field service functions at all times and places, during and between service jobs.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Real-time access to job, parts, inventory and warranty-related information enables successful outcomes.

  • Increased Utilization

    Instant access to job information on related products and services in repair vs. replace scenarios.

cog Field Service Operations

  • Improved Productivity

    Save time and increase productivity as customers use the portal to request service and schedule jobs.

  • Efficient Utilization

    Improve efficiency by dynamically dispatching the best resource for each job.

  • Reduced Costs

    Use third-party contractors to increase coverage for skills, geography, and schedules.

What Our Customer Have to Say


“ServicePower helps us send our engineer surveyors to our customers. They can now see a diary, timetable and their work patents given to then in a way that makes sense."

Paula Homan, Director of Engineer Services, HSB


“ServicePower has eliminated our paper in its entirety, our record keeping is extremely accurate, and our field management has become unbelievably better.”

Cosmo Adamo, Vice President of Service, BrandsMart U.S.A.


“The Customer Portal has made significant strides to giving the customer the information at their fingertips. Everything along the way for the customer is just seamless.”

Greg Leonberger, Vice President, Service Operations, AIG

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