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Improve first-time-fix rates and respond quickly to IoT-triggered service events

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Contractor Management

Onboard, dispatch, and manage your blended workforce based on complexity, reliability, and availability to increase quality, reduce cost of service, and achieve faster response times.


Enable your field service workforce to deliver personalized service through instant access to job information, equipment, warranties, service contracts, parts inventory, equipment history, technical documentation, processes/forms, and more.
Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims

Delight customers with warranty claim-processing automation, intelligent audits based on business logic to reduce claim costs, prevent fraud, and protect warranty reserves for appliances and consumer electronics.


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Industry Challenges

In the highly competitive Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics OEM industry, manufacturers need to continually differentiate their brand to drive long-term repeat sales with new features and outstanding post-sale service. Price pressures require OEMs to provide exceptional service to preserve existing customers.

According to J.D.Power associates, "the quality of work—doing the job right the first time—can noticeably affect customer satisfaction and loyalty." Therefore, it's critical to have the right technician with the right tools and information on the job, even if it means that the best technician could be a contractor.

When servicing appliances under warranty, OEMs need to rapidly dispatch technicians and process warranty claims. ServicePower's field service management improves your appliance customers’ service experience with higher first-time fix rates. This is accomplished through a hybrid workforce that protects warranty reserves and improves operations and service profitability.

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"With ServicePower, LG is continually driving improvement in our network through AI-based logic and real-time scheduling and warranty processing"

Bill Lange, VP Field Service Operations & Strategy, LG Electronics

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